My name is Curtis Barron. Much of this could be found in my very first post; but to recapitulate, I am an independent contractor writing  and maintaining RPG programs for clients; the major portion of my time is committed to my major client, though I am available for other substantial programming tasks that would not interfere with the service of my major client.  In view of my location in a small town in Kansas, the work would likely be done remotely.

I have been programming since 1979, which makes me acquainted with all dialects of RPG, and I have worked on all sorts of business applications. I have read voraciously about other programming languages. Though I have written in only a few languages, I feel I can write intelligently on computer topics outside the RPG realm. If I were to learn and use a new language, it would not be Java or C++, but Oberon-2. I am a particular fan of the languages and language philosophies of Niklaus Wirth, creator of Pascal. He has worked to implement simplicity, while the creators and implementers of other languages (including RPG) seem to be striving for bloat.

I may be contacted at crbarron_48125@yahoo.com . My current contract ends in June of 2016, so if anyone knows of an opportunity for me to handle some contract RPG programming from my remote terminal (at home), please contact me via the email address above (not this site; I don’t check it nearly often enough). I would welcome the opportunity to work on any dialect of RPG.